Why Use ProShyft?

We believe the industry is poised for a significant shift in how tax services are rendered; moving away from the traditional brick and mortar offices to a new virtual space that welcomes technology and eliminates costly overhead expenses.

With the rise of the gig economy and digital solutions, we have created a new tax solution that can provide individuals, small businesses, and Startup’s with an alternative to their traditional accounting firms.

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ProShyft Advantages

Price Transparency

Pricing for tax engagements is fixed and agreed upon before any work has started. No more being left in the dark with your accountant and hit with an unexpected bill at the end.


ProShyft operates in a completely virtual environment which cuts out significant overhead costs inherent in the traditional accounting firms. These savings are then passed on to you.

Quality of Service

All ProShyft CPAs are required to go through a strict vetting process to ensure they meet our highest standards. Know that whichever CPA Pro you work with, you can trust them to provide valuable advice and do the job right.

On-demand access to your professional

We get it, you are busy and sometimes you need tax services or advice right now. Due to our wide variety of professionals and unique infrastructure we can provide prompt access to CPA Pro's that other firms cannot match.

No more missed deadlines

All tax services through ProShyft will include a timeline for your job to be completed. This ensures faster project turnover and that you will not miss any key filing requirements. Most tax engagements have a 7-day turnaround.

Ease of Use

With the growing need for on-demand solutions, ProShyft simplifies the process of getting your tax services completed with a CPA Pro through a click of a button.

Getting Started with ProShyft

Although this is a new way to get accounting services, it does not mean it is any more complicated. We have streamlined the process into a few simple steps:

Register for ProShyft
Complete the registration form with your basic information.
Consultation with a ProShyft Expert
A ProShyft expert will reach out to you to discuss the particulars of the services you are looking for.
Complete Your Profile
Once approved on ProShyft, you will then be required to fully complete your profile.
Create Your Project
When profile has been completed, you are able to create your specific job posting.
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